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About the AMBER care bundle©

The AMBER care bundle provides a systematic approach to manage the care of hospital patients who are facing an uncertain recovery and who are at risk of dying in the next one to two months. It is an intervention that can fit within any care pathway or diagnostic group for patients whose recovery is uncertain.


The term 'AMBER' is used to reflect the need for doctors and nurses to pay close attention to a patient who they are particularly worried about. It stands for:

  • Assessment
  • Management
  • Best practice
  • Engagement with patients and carers
  • Recovery uncertain patient

Results to date suggests the AMBER care bundle contributes to:

  • patients being treated with greater dignity and respect
  • greater clarity around patients' preferences and plans about how these can be met
  • improved decision making
  • a positive impact on multi-professional team communication and working
  • increased nurses’ confidence about when to approach medical colleagues to discuss treatment plans 
  • lower emergency readmission rates

Any member of the clinical multi-disciplinary team can identify patients suitable for the AMBER care bundle. Further information: How teams use the AMBER care bundle.

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