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The AMBER care bundle

The AMBER care bundle is a simple approach used in hospitals when clinicians are uncertain whether a patient may recover and are concerned that they may only have a few months left to live.

It encourages staff, patients and families to continue with treatment in the hope of a recovery, while talking openly about people's wishes and putting plans in place should the worst happen. It consists of four elements:

  1. talking to the person and their family to let them know that the healthcare team has concerns about their condition, and to establish their preferences and wishes
  2. deciding together how the person will be cared for should their condition get worse
  3. documenting a medical plan
  4. agreeing these plans with all of the clinical team looking after the person.

The person’s condition is then monitored closely and followed up on daily basis to record any changes and address any concerns that they or their family may have.

The AMBER care bundle contributes to people being treated with dignity and respect and enables them to receive consistent information from their healthcare team. It helps people and their carers to be fully involved in making decisions and knowing what is happening with their care.

By having conversations about preferences and wishes and ensuring that everyone involved is aware of care plans, people are more likely to have their needs met.

Find out more

For more information, download The AMBER care bundle – a guide for patients, their relatives and carers (PDF 52KB)


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